The MACW Story

MACW is a Math Center founded by a team of Engineers who have 20+ years of experience in Electrical and Computer Engineering. We have created a unique program for Math and Coding to provide a strong foundation for today’s children to succeed in STEM-related fields. In addition to Math and Coding projects, MACW also focuses on Fast Math Techniques and Critical Thinking.

A little nudge towards the path of problem solving will help in shaping every child’s destiny. Our focus is to make the young minds believe that even most complicated problems can be tackled easily by breaking them down to smaller sections. We boost their self-esteem with multiple small victories and prepare for bigger accomplishments.

The MACW Mission

At MACW, we believe that teaching is not just a job, but an attitude. Each of our Course Materials are custom built to compel children to challenge their minds. Our goal is to teach them in the method that works best for them. We are here to create tomorrow’s Creators, Innovators and Inventors.