After School Math Program

We make math inspire you!

At MACW, we go beyond tutoring and simplify Common Core Standards with fast math techniques.

  • Do you wish you could help your child feel less frustrated with homework and more empowered at school?
  • Are you interested in helping your child to cultivate time-saving strategies to tackle competitive level tests like GATE, SAT, GRE, etc. in the future?

We work on exercises that develop critical thinking skills, challenge your child’s reasoning ability and adopt “out of the box” thinking.

Experience Fast Math at MACW!

Your child will solve complex equations in seconds with Vedic Math and the Trachtenberg Speed System techniques.

Homework won’t be so frustrating

Give your child the competitive edge and opportunity to sharpen the mind and improve cognitive problem-solving skills with our math tutoring services that will be invaluable now and in the future.

Contact us for a demo session and request a complimentary hour of coding for your students at your facility. After school on-site enrichment and tutoring opportunities available. Ask about our offsite school discounts (at our Carlsbad location).